The You Suggested, We tried tool is a simple way for a service provider to make visible what people have suggested for from their service, what the provider has done in response, and to collect their experience about the changes. This tool could be given to service users to provide their feedback at the outset, and return to them later, once the service provider have resolved with their query, or put up on display at particular public locations, such as a notice board, to show to a whole group how a service is responding to their query and input, and to collect their feedback. The tool can then be used to keep the conversation with service users as a continuous improvement cycle tool.

You Suggested, We Tried is an interactive evaluation and improvement tool co-​designed with healthcare professionals who work with adults with learning difficulties across the Highlands of Scotland, and professionals at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust


What’s new in this version

  • You Said We did has been renamed as You Suggested We tried tool
  • Changes in the wording provides a more useful description
  • Changes in the design of material provides a way to continue and close the conversation
  • Improved guidelines: The new version provides two suggestions of use.