A collection of flexible tools that can help anyone to engage young people in creative, inspiring and effective ways.

Each tool was co-​designed by either young people in collaboration with Child Action North West and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, or by professionals who work with young people every day. The tools reflect real experiences and challenges young people face and have proven themselves in the hands of young people, youth workers and engagement professionals alike.

The tools offer a new approach to engaging young people. They give young people inspiring, creative ways to articulate their ideas, but more importantly the tools offer ways of working that fit with the way young people think and develop ideas. 

Youth on Board Awards, British Youth Council

Winner of the Youth on Board Innovation Award 2016

Selected by young people,this youth-​led award recognises new ideas and practices that have made a real difference to how organisations work with young people. We believe that this “Inspiring” Innovation award award reflects the fresh approach taken by Leapfrog, and the incredible work our young co-​designers, project partners and team put into the work.

The Tools

ID badges with messages written on to help support workers think about why badges make young people feel uncomfortable.
A Collection of Tools to Help Young People Communicate What They Want
An opportunity for young people to give advice to a person younger than themselves or someone going through something they have already experienced.
Young people can use the Storyboard Contract to help communicate ideas for better meetings.
Target control is a way to get young people to think about how they can gain more control over the things that frustrate them and make changes in their life.
A Collection of Tools for Finding the Right Words, Questions & Opinions with Young People
Young people take an active role in meetings about their lives with Topic Tally.
Word Play Uses Origami to Enable Young People to make, share & exchange ideas with others.

Key toolbox features

  • Created by co-design

    Each tool was created by young people, or by people who work with young people every day.

  • Creative and engaging experiences

    Engage young people with new ways of working that inspire and challenge, rather than feeling like work.

  • Ready to use

    Eight tools, available to download from this website, print with a standard printer and put straight into action.

  • Easy to adapt

    Every engagement is different, so each tool can be easily adapted and remixed.

  • Free to everyone

    Leapfrog tools are free to anyone. We use Creative Commons licensing for everything we do.

  • Join a community of practice

    We have a vibrant community of people who use our tools. Join via our Facebook group.