After a long gestation its great to see Leapfrog jump into action! With the week-​long project in Lancaster a few weeks ago and another week-​long project starting in Forres in the Highlands of Scotland next week it really feels as though the project is moving forwards. It seems like it has taken a long time top get here. Recently I had to present to a group of academics on the process of getting an AHRC bid. Checking through my email the first communication on what became of the leapfrog bid was in August 2013.

During this 18 months development period we went through a number of iterations and difference conceptions for the project. For a long time it was called Toolbox and for 10 days it was called Octopus (I still love this!). There are however a few constants throughout the project that continue to guide us.

There has always been a strong focus on helping people to be creative in their own way, by this we mean not attempting to get them to be creative in the same way that designers are creative. This means challenging our own assumptions and normal creative practices and being prepared to learn other creative languages.

We are also committed to experimenting with new approaches to learning, sharing and collaborating using these new languages. We do this through the design of tools (sometimes these can act as boundary objects) and approaches that help others and ourselves be creative in a variety of ways.

Finally we aspire to facilitate public sector workers, community groups and 3rd sector groups to modify, and in time create their own tools to help them learn, communicate, and be creative with their own and other peoples’ creative languages.

These are all challenging things to do, and it would be disappointing if we achieved all of these in our first short project. Rest assured there was plenty of learning in the first intensive week but we did not solve these challenges at our first sketch. We are moving forward into new spaces, new partnerships and new research, exciting times ahead!