Last week the Leapfrog team began prototyping evaluation tools for the Be Included major project based on the concepts collected in the participants’ idea scrap books. Based on the discussions that followed in the WhatsApp group and with individual participants over email, the team have developed a range of tool ideas that will make up a person-​centred evaluation toolkit. The team identified that within this kit, the tools fall into three categories: snapshot tools, reflective tools and progress tools.

The ‘snapshot tools’ are fun and visual ways to quickly get feedback on how someone feels about a service or activity. These tools include Quick Stick (using icon stickers to quickly answer questions about a service); Evaluation Metre (fill in or mark on the metre using the icon stickers to rate the experience of a service); and Evaluation Dashboard (drawing responses to different questions onto different dials). The ‘reflective tools’ encourage someone to reflect on their experience of a service and to help with recording these. These tools include: What.Why (marking on the thumbs up/​thumbs down gauge to rate an experience of a service and then going into more detail by using the sticker icons, or by writing or drawing); Me Map (encourages someone to think about the things that make them happy as well as what they would like to change); Blog Blocks and Blog Builder (these two work together to help someone write and construct a blog post about their experience of a service). The ‘progress tools’ help someone to set personal goals and to gauge how they are progressing. These include: My Goals (mapping out personal goals for the future); and Evaluation Wheel (recording how someone feels about things that important to them and their goals and evaluating what stage they are at in reaching them).

In order to capture and collate the insights these tools will produce, the team have also created a further tool to be used in parallel to the kit, called Evaluation Tracker. Whilst the other tools are to be used by the service users, this tool is designed to be used by the service provider to record data over a longer period of time. The Leapfrog team along with the Be Included co-​design group, are also looking into developing a tool for feeding back agreed upon actions based on the users’ evaluation. This tool has been inspired by ‘You Said/​We Did’ approaches to reporting outcomes. 

We are now in the process of gaining feedback about these prototypes from the co-​design group, with aim to further develop and refine them as we head towards the finish line of this final project! Keep an eye out for final updates before the tools go live!