During the co-​design session in Chorley Library, the group of librarians and other Lancashire County Council representatives expressed their interest to continue working on four different tool ideas in smaller groups at Lancaster University.  The four tool ideas were -

I feel, I want, I need
A Tool to understand and meet the needs of service users and the community

Building Success One Brick at a Time 
A process to negotiate best use of space and resources

Funky Stickers 
Design a set of fun stickers to prompt, provoke, ask questions or obtain feedback

Liquorice Allsorts tool
Enables staff to choose the best communication channel for the different communities

Over the last month, tool design groups have come together to spend half a day refining the tool ideas with Leapfrog’s.   Each session begun by re-​visiting the group’s original idea, the value of the idea and then generating a list of general tool qualities, which would act a guide through the design process.  Most of the groups then came up with a number of scenarios where the tools might be used in the future to help them imagine the tool being useful in a real setting with a group of people from different services.

The ‘I feel, I want, I need’ group came up with multiple ideas that tackled challenges such as understanding the building users and communicating the services available in the building.  The ‘Liquorice Allsorts’ group developed the ‘Communication Stretcher’, a tool to help groups think of new ways to communicate with the community and then develop a plan.  The ‘Building Success’ group refined original idea for groups to consider different aspects of the building  further and the ‘Funky Sticker’ group came up with a internal staff question and answer tool and customer evaluation tool.

The groups all agreed to meet again before the main tool sharing event to look at prototypes and discuss further refinement.  Some of the groups took away prototypes or agreed to work on documents together before their next meeting. 

Laura is working on the refinement of the tools between the meetings and looks forward to showing the groups the prototypes.