I’m based in the Politics, Philosophy and Religion Department at Lancaster University, where I teach and research in political theory, moral philosophy and applied ethics. As well as my more philosophical interests, I’ve been involved in two research projects on childhood obesity, including a community-​level intervention in eight European countries (www​.ideficsstudy​.eu, www​.ifamilystudy​.eu).

I see Leapfrog as a great chance to learn more about the ethics and politics of collaborative community-​level design — for example:

  • When and in what ways can “co-​design” empower people and enrich the democratic process?
  • Might co-​design have costs and risks, or fail to work in some circumstances?
  • Are there ways to learn the answers to these questions at the same time as people engage in these collaborations? More generally, how can find out whether co-​design works as well as we might hope?

http://​www​.lancaster​.ac​.uk/​f​a​s​s​/​p​p​r​/​p​r​o​f​i​l​e​s​/​G​a​r​r​a​t​h​-​W​i​l​l​i​ams /​ @GarrathWilliams