As a part of a collaboration between ImaginationLancaster and the World Design Foundation, Leon Cruickshank and David Perez facilitated a creative evaluation workshop with 15 participants of the Gdynia Design Days (GDD) in the city of Gdynia, Poland. During the workshop, they tested a framework developed in the last Milan Design Week (MDW). The framework focuses on the creation of creative methods to collect data from large events such as design festivals.

The framework has three categories:

  • Evaluation aims: Starting with the aim behind the evaluation (i.e. evaluating the number of participants, experiences, change or impact)
  • Evaluation strategy: Defining a basic strategy to collect data (i.e. collecting data before and after the event, tracking journeys, assigning roles, planning an itinerary)
  • Types of action: Selecting a mechanism to collect data (i.e. sending messages, collecting things, making marks or asking participants to identify themselves)

At the end of the workshop, four creative tools to evaluate the design initiatives such as festivals or workshops were created. For instance, using stickers with stars to evaluate the experience of young people in festivals, or nominating ambassadors among festival visitors and giving them a diary to describe their experience of events.

Participants commented that the workshop helped them to think about evaluation in a different way. The creative but structured approach of the session helped them to think about the feedback received during evaluation practices and to take actions about them.

The outcomes of these workshops will be shared during the next Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.