Target Control tool has already been used by Healthwatch and Public Health a number of times for young people together to decide how important they think different health services and issues are to them.  Young people stuck the issues on stickers into the three concentric circles depending how important they felt they were but the reasons and conversations behind the positioning was not being recorded.  To tackle this, Laura from Leapfrog and Ben Pearson from Healthwatch decided to add a layer of tracing paper over the target controls for comments to be written on top to capture the reasons why.  Ben also decided to use Post-​it notes so that the decisions final decision could be changed, rather than one person dominating and sticking the decision down permanently. 

The tracing paper add-​on worked well, collecting comments that would otherwise not be gathered.  In a meeting in January, we looked at the outcomes and discussed how a next step might be to ask the young people to analyse the results in another workshop with another tool.  This would carry on the conversation about health with the young people. 

Together we came up with an idea for a tool that would allow the young people to separate the Post-​its out across the sheets and present the information back.  We also came up with an idea for a tool that collects the individuals response, which could be folded up and put into a postbox to keep the response secret.