The In Sight Matrix is one of the tool outcomes from the Derbyshire Matrix project.  It appears on the inside of a folder, which a frontline worker will give to anyone raising an adult safeguarding concern.  The folder is a discreet place to keep together documents regarding the safeguarding process and the In Sight Matrix provides guidance on the person-​centred communication that will happen between from that point onwards between a named representative and the person who raised the concern.

The design for the In Sight Matrix communication tool appears on the inside of the front cover of the folder.  In the top right-​hand corner, there is space to write the name of the contact and how they can be reached.  This helps to keep the process personal.

The Matrix itself is circular, surrounding the representation of a person because the person or people who raise the concern should be kept up-​to-​date and in the centre of the process. 

It is simple to use; the person using it starts with a date for when they raised the alarm and follows the circle around, making sure they know the answer to each question.  When they know the answer, they can tick it off with a pen or in their head.  The simple but direct questions were developed in-​line with the questions and type of conversations the safeguarding professionals mapped during the co-​design day.  There is space also space at the bottom of the matrix for them to add their own question, if there is something they feel is particularly important to them.

Orange was chosen as a positive and vibrant colour and purple was chosen to represent the Derbyshire Adult Safeguarding brand.  The matrix goes from light to dark to represent the saturation of information. 

The graphic design and text on the tool were continuously improved and refined by Dee Hennessy and Laura Wareing with feedback at different stages from The Derbyshire Adult Safeguarding Board.