This event brought together international experts, amongst which Ambassadors of Design for Europe as well as international Design festival-​partners, on the concept of open innovation, co-​design and the role of design festivals to create a kind of cross-​sectorial ecosystem for sustainable change by all and for all.

The work program will started with inspirational keynote presentations from presenters including Ellie Schneider – interim director Creative Corridor Detroit/​Detroit Design Festival (USA), Chris Sigaloff — director Kennisland (NL), Vera Winthagen, design manager of the city of Eindhoven(NL), Mark Hoevenaars, strategic director Van Berlo Design (NL), Anthony van de Ven, Head Brainport Office Brussels/​Chair ERRIN (B).

I delivered a presentation ‘Really, what is innovation and how can you be certain your festival is achieving this?’ where the Leapfrog project (and the PROUD project) we used a case studies for how the city can be a site for innovation through festival activities but also crucially, that evaluation can be built into engagement activities in creative ways from the beginning. This is one of the key aims of the Leapfrog project.