14 August 2015

Make It stick Templates created

  • My meeting

Three people participated in this first of two workshops with Blackburn with Darwen Council, all specialising in engaging young people in care. Following on from the last session, some changes were made for this workshop to simplify and reduce time needed for warm-​up tasks and increase time spent designing templates. We also introduced the use of a different Leapfrog tool, Interactive Journey to use as the format for workshop evaluation. 

I really like it. I can really see how… for a short exercise [it can be used] for anything really. You can be creative with it.”

The template they created gives the respondent a space to explore hopes, worries and questions for an upcoming meeting. Through lively discussion over the course of the session, the group came up with lots of ideas for how they could use the Visual Voice with young people. Future possible iterations for the template they created included personalising the Visual Voice with a photo of the young person to help that individual see themselves in the process of interacting with the service. Likewise, ideas were discussed for life story work for young people in foster care, where photos of family and carers could be included together with their own room as a way of exploring their relationships with those people or as a way of preparing them for new placements. Other ideas for different templates included agenda setting for meetings with children and storyboarding.

The group discussed how quick they found the design process and echoing the first workshop, they considered how they might transfer the skills acquired through Make It Stick to improving some of their existing paper tools and resources. Exploring how else they could grow and adapt this tool, the group talked about using of large blank copies of the templates to enable young people to work in pairs or groups. They also made suggestions for building a library of graphical elements including clearer instructional illustrations for using the template to work with young people who have autism.