21 August 2015

Make It Stick Templates created

  • What do you think of Appletrees?
  • In our area, what contributes to your health and wellbeing?
  • How did the review go for you?

Six people participated in this second and equally lively of two workshops with Blackburn with Darwen Council, producing three templates for a range of contexts relating to an exploration of what participating individuals know about the services with which they interact. The group also seemed gain a lot from sharing and reflecting on their approaches to conceptualising a Visual Voice for the warm-​up task which they later used to inform their template designs. 

Feedback from this group also gave strong indication to increase workshop time by thirty minutes in future to allow for people to finesse their template designs.

At this stage of project delivery, enough people are now developing new Visual Voices using the Make It Stick template to offer opportunity to reflect on the design of the tool. Some things to think about when designing the tool could be to:

  • Consider whether it is helpful to fill all the labels so that people using the tool have a closed set of options, or if it is more helpful to fill in some but not all labels if a prompt is needed.
  • Remember that designing a Visual Voice is designing a framework for others to respond rather than giving the response.
  • During the workshops, people tended to see the people stickers in a literal way relating to the real people involved in the subject. However, could they represent something else to equally good effect? For instance, could they represent or personify ideas or thoughts?