Invited by Julie Bell, Head of Libraries, Museums, Culture and Registrars, Leapfrog attended an Extended Leadership Team meeting at the Lancashire Archives in Preston on 10 May 2017. The event was an opportunity for Roger Whitham (Leapfrog Co-​investigator) to share early outcomes of the Leapfrog Neighbourhood Centres project . The project produced a range of concrete outcomes, including 7 tools and the New Team Tools toolbox, co-​designed by Lancashire County Council staff, and ready for use by staff across a range of services within the council.

The sharing event gave an opportunity to present the process of work to team leaders and managers across the information and cultural services within Lancashire County Council, prompt discussion, and signpost staff towards the tools. The event also gave Leapfrog an opportunity to outline ongoing work to embed the tools within the supply infrastructure within the county council. Through internal print and administrative teams, all of the tools created for the project would be made available to new and existing staff. This approach lowers practical and financial barriers to staff obtaining the tools and putting them to use.

The event saw broad interest in the tools from the managers present, and underlined the appetite for the tools and new innovative practices from management within the council.