Leapfrog has just published four new tools to help engagement practitioners transform the outcomes of engagement activities into valuable impact within their organisation. The four tools, Prioritise Together, Engagement Map Key, Feedback Cycle Request and Snapshot + Story each offer a way to investigate how your team, group or organisation use data from engagement, and make new conversations and connections to use it better.

The tools were co-​designed with staff from the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust between May and October 2017, and are based on the experiences of professional engagement practitioners and the people they engage. As an outcome of the Leapfrog Rigorous Stories project, the tools provide a variety of ways to share stories drawn from engagement, and to initiate fresh dialogue and discussion within an organisation around the use of engagement data, information and evidence.

Engagement Map Key provides a great starting point for looking at the pathways the outcomes of engagement take through an organisation. Through co-​design workshops our co-​designers repeatedly found value in discussing how engagement data travels, and so created a tool to help anyone draw a map of information flows that touch their work. This tool consists of a key to prompt teams consisting of members of staff from different levels in the organisation to come together to discuss and draw out their process for translating using the symbols suggested, and to develop their own symbols to use and share with others.

Snapshot + Story was created to help stories from engagement travel between parts of an organisation. Through co-​design with Staff and young people at Blackpool Victoria Hospital we established the need to improve flows between engagement activities and management decisions, resulting in a one-​page template that captures a story both as a brief summary (the Snapshot) and connects with performance measures used in decision making.

Feedback Cycle Request builds on Snapshot + Story by taking a single story drawn from engagement activities and explicitly inviting feedback from someone elsewhere in the organisation. In our co-​design work we found that often information flows in only one direction, away from engagement activities (and practitioners) and into other parts of organisations. This tool offers a direct way to change this by giving you a way to personally invite a colleague, manager or decision maker to say what the story means to them.

Prioritise Together helps people to open up discussions with colleagues, managers or engagement participants about what matters most. Through co-​design we found that passing information from engagement activities around within an organisation (such as writing reports) almost always involves a great number of choices about what to include, exclude, summarise, combine and filter. This tool helps invite others into a discussion about what is most important by mapping out priorities and decisions in an open and collaborative way.

As with all Leapfrog tools, these four tools are available to anyone for free through this website.