Last week the director of the Glasgow School of Art Professor Tom Inns, led a session for the Leapfrog team. The session started by taking the team back to the original research questions which were crafted at the beginning of this three-​year project. We then considered what we had learned. Bringing the groups’ feedback together on these high-​level questions showed us just how much we had learned as a team. We considered the publications we had produced and noted the gaps, making a plan to fill them. We then moved on to consider new areas of research which could grow out of the Leapfrog Research project. Rounding off this part of the day, we considered a larger piece of work which could be published to reflect and collect the findings from this substantial and ground breaking piece of work.

In the afternoon Tom led us through an exercise to cluster together our research questions. This yielded not only a number of areas of common interest but also led to some great conversations which will give us all food for thought.  Tom rounded off the day with a session considering the influence of left brain and right brain traits on the practice of co-​design. Although this exercise was a bit more light-​hearted it again led to very interesting observations on how our practice has developed in the course of Leapfrog. A day well spent.