Anita, Elaine and Alison returned to Lancaster University to refine the tools they have co-​designed to be used primarily in neighbourhood centres and re-​structured libraries in the county.  The tools included ‘Building our Neighbourhood Centre Together’, a tool to help staff have discussions about issues within the building, ‘Communication Stretcher’ a tool to push staff to think of different and new ways to communicate with community groups and ‘The Little Things’, an internal communication tool for staff.

The group were very positive about all of the tools and felt they had ownership over the ones they had co-​designed in groups.  For each of the tools we talked about how they could be improved further and what sort of information tool guidelines could give to help staff use them. 

The group had some ideas on how they could help share the tools across libraries and neighbourhood centres and were keen to help share the tools in the big tool sharing event in January.