On Tuesday 13th June, Laura attended a meeting organised by Helen Sharratt, Children and Young People’s Consultation and Review Officer for St. Helen’s Council People Services.

Helen is working closely with expert service deliverers to bring together a group of young people with special educational needs and disabilities, referred to as SEND to have their voices heard by senior management in the council.

On Tuesday, Laura met some of the planning group who were from different SEND services, talked to them about the Rigorous Stories project, shared ideas and tools.  Together we agree on a plan to organise a workshop that would include members of senior management and a mapping exercise to explore their challenges with translating engagement to evidence. Helen shared some tools, including a one-​page question bank idea for engagement with young people and talked about some initial work she did at a school asking SEND children and young people their views on adults listening to them.

 Helen will be sending out a Doodle Poll to arrange a date and Laura will begin working on a plan for the workshop to share with Helen.