Whether using Leapfrog tools or other methods there is a great deal of good engagement practice being undertaken, especially in the public sector. This ranges from long term ethnographic experiences, to workshops or even just great conversations. What can be more challenging is translating this good information into a form that enables decision makers to respond to this good engagement in a way that helps to inform decision-​making. Often the form of the good engagement, for example a group of young people making a short film is quite different from the form a policy maker needs to inform the decision making chain.

The Rigours Stories project has sought to tackle this challenge, we have co-​designed with over 20 organisations from a range of public sector and voluntary organisations. Our lead Co-​Designer though was Rebecca Addey: Paediatric Patient Experience Officer, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Together with Rebecca we have developed 4 tools and associated resources to help in this translation process.

The tools are

Prioritise Together: Get teams to figure out the things that matter most in their organisation

Feedback Request Cycle: Get feedback on your engagement outcomes from people working at different levels of your organization

Snapshot and Story: Create a quick overview of engagement work to share with others in your organization

Engagement Map Key: Bringing teams together to discuss how engagement information is translated, reported and actioned.

We shared these tools with our partners and new friends in an event in the ImaginatoionLab of Lancaster University on the 25th of October. Here the group used the tools, made suggestions for changes and also made action plans for how the tools can be used in their day-​today activities.

These tools are ready to download from this site