Leapfrog are delighted to announce we have received follow on funding from the AHRC for a one year follow on project called ‘Scaling Up Leapfrog: Improving a million creative conversations’. The original £1.2m Leapfrog project used co-​design to work with communities, NGOs and the public sector to develop and share new, more creative engagement tools and resources. These flexible resources help prompt and structure dialogue between the public sector and the people they represent; this could be to contribute to a major decision in the community (e.g. building a new playground) or participating in a policy consultation or helping young people talk about difficult subjects such as sexual health.

Leapfrog co-​designed with the public sector to produce over 50 new engagement tools. These tools have been downloaded over 2,000 times and used by public sector practitioners to engage many thousands of people, e.g. one of the 50 tools has 2,400 documented uses with participants of Health Watch activities in the NorthWest. Building on this tool use we want to take Leapfrog into new territory, focussing on how the Leapfrog tools can be adapted for application at large scales by working with new partners to co-​design and share new versions of key Leapfrog tools. 

The challenge is how to elicit (and make sense of) hundreds or even thousands of contributions when the majority of engagement practice to date has focused on small group interactions. 

Bringing to bear our extensive experience of engagement tool co-​design we will be working with a new set of partners to adapt Leapfrog tools to meet this challenge. It will result in adapted tools that facilitate positive engagement with large groups of people with a diverse composition in an inclusive, enjoyable, productive manner. The new tools and toolkits for engaging at scale will be shared freely on www​.leapfrog​.tools

Collaboration and Key Partners

Scaling up Leapfrog uses the resources developed in the original Leapfrog project as the basis for new adaptations of these tools with new partners to reach a different set of beneficiaries at a far larger scale. We are working with 4 key partners in the follow-​on on project. Our partners are:

  • Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group (MBCCG) with supporting partner Lancaster Community and Voluntary Solutions (Lancaster CVS)
  • Food Power – Tackling food poverty through people powered change
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)
  • The World Design Weeks Network

More details of projects with our new partners will be posted in future blogs.