Between the first and second workshop one of the engagement challenges groups worked with Leapfrog’s designer David to develop a tool idea they had come up with. At the start of the second workshop Andy Knox, Director of Population Health and Engagement at Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group explained the initial idea and sketch for the tool and how this was turned into the tool through discussions with David. This brief presentation helped the group to see how elements of their engagement challenges from the previous workshop could be turned into an idea for an engagement tool.

The groups were asked to revisit the engagement challenge they had chosen to focus on last time and try to identify any opportunities of creating a tool to address a particular issue. They were given a ‘tool opportunity’ sticker to highlight any ideas that could be turned into a tool then completed a pro forma which described each tool, its purpose along with a sketch of how the tool could look. The groups then circulated around the room to look at everybody’s tool ideas and suggest how they could be improved. 

The rest of the session was spent working on the tool designs in detail. Some highly imaginative ideas emerged for completely new tools and tools that were based on existing Leapfrog tools or complemented them. Towards the end of the session the group pinned all the tool ideas onto whiteboards. They were invited to write comments on the tools as to which ones they would like Leapfrog to produce. The groups presented the final selection of tools and how they saw the tool working for feedback.

Leapfrog agreed that David would work on as many tools as possible before the next workshop and email the draft designs for each tool to the groups for feedback. The final workshop in the series will refine and improve the final tools so they work in any given context. The group will creative simple instructions for each tool and be given the opportunity to design an engagement event/​s using a selection of the new and existing Leapfrog tools.