Collaborating with our partners in the public, community and voluntary sector has highlighted a need for tools that work at scale with large groups of people. Scaling Up Leapfrog is a series of 3 workshops to enable more effective and innovative engagement with large groups of people by co-​designing new adaptations of the original Leapfrog tools for use at scale, or completely new tools. In the first workshop at Lancaster University over 20 participants from Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group, Lancaster CVS, the Police, a primary school and charities across Lancaster shared their experiences of engaging with large groups to help us understand the challenges of working at scale. After much discussion the group agreed that the 5 main areas where new tools could work flexibly with the existing Leapfrog tools or well known facilitation techniques such as ‘The Art of Hosting’ were:

  • Tempo, focus and keeping people on track
  • Consensus and divergence
  • Sensitive issues
  • Analysis, actions and sharing outcomes
  • Invitation and involvement

Towards the end of the workshop the group were introduced to a selection of Leapfrog tools which could be adapted to meet the engagement challenges above. In the next workshop the group will explore in detail how the Leapfrog tools can be adapted to work at scale through the contextual frames of people’s engagement role and passions and co-​design adaptations to the Leapfrog tools or come up with ideas for completely new tools for Leapfrog’s designer to create from their designs.