The Leapfrog Team attended the Sincerely You exhibition to see how co-​designed tools can support this community of young adults.

Young voices exhibited in the form of sixty letters on display in the Harris Museum 25/​10/​2017 and then tours across Lancashire Libraries until end Dec 2017.

The letters provided an extraordinary insight into the lives of care experienced young people. It was so moving to read these personal letters that I would think it could bring a tear to anyones eyes, it did mine.


Young adults once in care, seize upon different opportunities to take control of their lives;  from turbulent and emotional beginnings, they set out personal stories of guidance and encouragement as they write personal letters to their younger self.

What would you write, one young adult wrote:

Dear me,

In life you will face many barriers but look at these as life lessons and also blessings, for these are what will drive you onto the right path. Don’t get me wrong it will be hard, there will be times where you feel unloved, unwanted and like a burdon. You’ll feel as though the whole world is against you and you can’t trust anyone, even the people who are supposed to care for you and keep you safe.

People will walk in and out of your life as though it’s a revolving door, after a while it doesn’t faze you, it becomes the norm. You will lose people you thought would be around forever, and at first you will be angry at the world and also them for choosing drugs over you. But then you’ll realise it wasn’t really a choice, it was their it was their escape from reality and the pain inside their heart. And now they’re finally at peace, and in a place they can finally be happy.

(letter exhibited does continue)

I recommend going to see it.