Guest post

by Kim Siu, tsiMoray

I used the game for the first time at the Social Accounting and Audit training I was facilitating on 27th January.

As the facilitator, I found it worked a treat! 

In my opinion, the game allowed all participants the opportunity to reflect, discuss and share personal and add to a collective evaluation. 

I found this very useful to identify what was working, why, what could be better and get ideas for future improvements. I compared this feedback to our existing evaluation methods and noted the extensive amount of information we gathered in a clear and practical way.

I adapted the game so all participants identified what the game pieces meant to them before starting.  I didn’t use written cards and left space for folk to opt in or out as they felt comfortable. I sense the more I use it, the better and even more useful it will become.

I found it worked particularly well in relation to evaluating a training session on evaluation as it offered a practical example of a way to creatively collect information. It took around 20 — 30 mins which is great so long as this is practical, clearly understood by participants why they were playing the game and there is sufficient space in the lesson plan!

We had one participant who didn’t like board games, her preference would have been to use the written feed back sheet. 

I look forward to using it more.”