Leapfrog organised a tool development session in Forres on the 11th of October. The tool development was part of our ‘Peer to Peer Community Engagement’ project. We invited practitioners from in and around Moray for an afternoon to share our tools and gain feedback on how the tools we had co-​design with our partners in Mull and Bute could be improved. We had a community member from Forres, practitioners from Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Third Sector Interface Moray and designers from Experience Lab as participants for the afternoon.

The tools were introduced to the participants and they were asked to provide feedback on the Strength and the weaknesses of the tools, in what scenarios would they use the tools and what improvements can be made to each tool. During the session we looked at 3 tools:

1) Creative Thinking Cards,

2) Time Machine and

3) Known and Unknown.

Feedback from the event was analysed and it was observed that some of the common themes that emerged from the event were to ‘explore other formats’ to make the tools tangible and interesting, change in ‘terminologies’ to make the tools more accessible and various ‘additions to enhance’ so the tools can be more inclusive.

From the discussion we are taking forward some of the tools to address the design issues before we publish them on our website. Watch this space.