On the month of September, Leapfrog organised a workshop with practitioners in Glasgow. We invited organisations in and around Glasgow for half a day to share our tools and gather feedback on how to improve them. We shared tools that were developed from project partners from Isle of Mull and Iona and Kyles of Bute. For the event, we invited practitioners in and around Glasgow who were involved in community engagement namely, SCDC [Scottish Community Development Trust], Alliance Scotland, Church of Scotland, Presbytery of Scotland, Voluntary Action Fund etc.

Participants were split into 4 groups and each group was facilitated by a Leapfrog team member. The event began by a Leapfrog member introducing the Peer to Peer project to the participants and description of our project partners Highlands and Islands Enterprise [HIE], Colintraive & Glendaruel Development Trust [CDDT] and Mull and Iona Development trust [MIDT].

Although initially the workshop aimed at sharing the project tool, form the feedback gathered from the practitioners the Leapfrog team identified there was more potential in developing the tools to fit a wider user group. 

5 tools were introduced to the participants and in each table feedbacks were gathered by the facilitators. The feedback form the participants were then taken forward to refine the tools.