Two of the young people who attended the Leapfrog Co-​Design Residential at Lancaster University in November have written about what they liked about the residential and why.

One of the young people talked about why he enjoyed the mood board activity at the beginning of the residential and the activities run by Borwick Hall, where they stayed overnight -

Making the mood boards, because we found out what others didn’t like, whilst telling them what we don’t like.  This was good, as we got to know the others a bit at the beginning of the residential.”

Indoor caving and climbing, because we had the opportunity to challenge the others during the games and races that took place.  This provoked friendships.”

The other young person also chose to write about the mood boards and caving activities, as well as the experience they with using the digital tool on the iPads to find things that did their heads in -

The mood boards because we showed each other how we feel about certain things such as murder.”

The indoor caving because it was a really fun challenge and tested our skills so finding where to go.”

 “Finding photos online because it was clever how we related them to things we want to change.”