I’m Emma Murphy and I’m a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Institute of Design Innovation, at Glasgow School of Art. I’m genuinely excited about Leapfrog, as I see fantastic potential for change. Not just how design approaches can help communities become more empowered and self-​managed, but also how our research can help develop the practice of, and discourse around co-​design itself.

A great deal of my research and teaching centres around design management and policy, and the role design can play in the development of organisations and systems. Leapfrog provides an exciting opportunity for me to use design research to help communities become more opportunistic and self-​sufficient. I’m also passionate about research methods and methodologies that transcend academic, civic, and organisational communities and I know that Leapfrog will provide the opportunity to develop new and exciting research approaches.

I’m also increasingly aware of the challenges in defining metrics and indicators of change and legacy in engagement projects through design. What’s the evidence that things have changed? To what extent can we attribute this to design intervention? In addition, there’s a huge appetite for voluntary and community involvement in making places better spaces to live , and so in this project, I’m particularly passionate about finding metrics and indicators that evidence this change — and actively encourage this kind of behaviour.

This week saw the kick of of the first group project — and i’m already excited about the possibilities. Watch this space!