Hi, I’m Hayley Alter

Based at Lancaster University, I’m one of two PhD candidates working for Leapfrog. I’m a practicing graphic designer with a particular interest in the field of Co-​Design. In particular, I have worked as a co-​designer on the PROUD project at ImaginationLancaster, for Beyond the Castle, the Grab & Go tools for creative consultation, and facilitated Facemooc, a 5 week course on Facebook for an international co-​design community of practice. I have also previously worked in community arts co-​ordination and facilitation, delivering creative projects with community groups. These projects enabled often vulnerable and isolated members of society to develop a creative voice and explore social issues pertinent to their lives.


Why I am incredibly excited about Leapfrog

With ever more common, accessible and sophisticated use of social media, our potential to have a voice, receive, record and spread ideas, influence and knowledge across vast social and geographic distance is unprecedented. My own research interests in Leapfrog lie in how we might use existing social media to help people share, appropriate, adapt and re-​share tools. I can’t wait to see how and whether any practical interventions we make, informed by research insights (and visa versa), help communities become increasingly active and self-​determining in improving their own environment, services and policies.

I passionately believe innovations are achieved through co-​creation. As with all good co-​design, our direction and momentum will grow and be guided by all of our partners, aiming to create a positive, real and enduring impact for everyone involved. The possibilities really do seem endless.