This seminar held at the Business & Design Lab, Gothenburg University

presented an approach to design that seeks to create new, more effective forms of human to human interaction to help more people be more creative whatever their background or training. Using Leapfrog as a case study as well as a wider research and community projects ranging in scale from a co-​design project with 2,000 people, to the citizen-​led creation of new tools for engagement to a replacement for the post-​it in group working. These are all connected to a program of research to design new approaches that allow people to be creative in their own way rather than trying to impose ‘designedly’ approaches on them. Key collaborators include local and national government, community groups, academics and designers.

The seminar with over 60 people led to an active discussion on the nature of design in these new approaches and how these related to design and social research as well as implications for practitioners.