Last week Leapfrog organised a tool sharing event in Elgin, to share young people’s tools from our Major Project – Working with Young people. We had a great turn out from organisations in and around Elgin. The attendees were from the Elgin Locality Practitioners Network, Moray Council, Scottish Association for Mental Health, TSI Moray, Living For Life, Elgin Youth café and much more. As a part of the tool sharing event, we shared Target Control, Storyboard, Visual Voice, Everybody and Badge tool to the attendees. 

Target Control: Target Control tool was well received among the groups. Attendees identified it as a reflective tool that can help with critical decision making. One of the attendees who work with Scottish Association for Mental Health said they could use such a tool to raise mental health awareness. The tool was also identified useful to work with older people as well as young people. They also saw the tool working with stickers that can encourage young people to be talking about their issues and emotions.

Storyboard: Storyboard was one of best received tool in the event. Attendees thought the tool could be used between two events to capture people’s emotions and feelings, especially for those who does not like to speak in front of others.  Some of the attendees said they would use such a tool with the parents while engaging with young people. One of the attendees mentioned that such as tool could be used to tell “preferable stories” and also be used as an evaluation tool to assess the evens and what difference they made to the young people. One participant mentioned that it could be used a diary to record in long term.

Everybody: Attendees saw Everybody as a versatile, straight forward and simple to use tool. Some attendees thought that the tool is visually attractive and recognised that it was important when engaging with young people. Some participants liked the anonymity within everybody tool, however, some were not comfortable using it with young people.  Some attendees thought that Everybody tools need facilitation than the other tools. Some saw the tool useful as a group activity as well as for individual activity.

Visual Voice: Some attendees thought that Visual Voice could be used as an evaluation tool. Like Everybody, it can also be used with a single participant or can be used as a group activity. However, they thought Visual Voice was restrictive and less flexible. Some attendees pointed out that it is an attractive tool when printed in colour. However, black-​white prints would not be as attractive for young people to use. Some attendees thought it could be a good service design tools for example “What service would you want in a particular space?” Some attendees also mentioned that Visual Voice needs more facilitation and need to be explained well before using it.

As a part of the event, we also shared tools from our other projects like Seeing Things and Evaluation Game to demonstrate different kinds of tools Leapfrog does with projects. We demonstrated how the attendees could download the tools from our website and adapt them to their needs.