The Bunch presents the small but valuable stories of impact as brightly coloured flowers. The aim of this tool is to provide a creative and visual alternative to compliment how impact is traditionally disseminated, and be used to supplement the typical report-​base format.

The tool comes as a PDF that can be downloaded from the Leapfrog website and printed out. There are two sizes of the flowers; the smaller ‘who’ flower to write about the people or person the story is about and the larger flower to write about the ‘when, where, how, what’ and of course about the ‘impact’ that took place on each petal. Once completed, the smaller flower is placed on top of the bigger flower and, using a paper fashioner split pin, the two flowers are attached to a straw. There are instructions provided as well as a range of flower colours to choose from. A blank flower is also provided so coloured paper can used in the printer.  Once several flowers have been created, these can be gathered up into a bunch and sent a manager in the organisation or put on display in vase.