The Problem

When we engage young people in a conversation about their community and its people, services, places and events, how can we build trust with young people to share their ideas and needs without concern over who might see and judge their responses? In turn, how can we enable them to respond in detail about what they really think?

Everybody: A Collection of Tools

Everybody is a collection of three tools; an envelope, a form and stickers. It aims to make a clear distinction between private information young people provide, which they can trust won’t be shared and a public profile which they can construct and control in order to see their own contributions in an engagement process. The three tools can be used in a number of ways and combinations which are suggested in the guidelines, downloadable on the right.

The Everybody Form

Choose from either the standard or active version of the everybody form, both of which have editable text.  The editable PDF forms ask the participant to find and personalise themselves within a collection of blank figures, they are then asked to record their ideas, feelings and actions around a specific topic as selected by the facilitator.

The Alias Envelope

The form can be folded and placed into DL size envelope.  Onto the envelope, the facilitator can print the Leapfrog template that asks for the user to pick an emoji icon that best describes them, an alias they would like to be known as and optionally, their age and where they live.  The details on the envelope are what the participant chooses to display to the public and what how they will identify themselves.

Emoji Icon Stickers

Leapfrog has put together a zipped folder of emoji icons that are free to use and can be downloadable on the right.  Unzip the folder and place the icons into the template for 51mm round stickers, also downloadable on the right.  We also have a sticker sheet that is ready to print.

We recommend 51mm round stickers.  Request some free from Leapfrog or buy them here.