Why use Sound Advice?

Sound Advice is a simple way of capturing and recording the voices of young people giving real advice to other young people on a sound recorder or mobile phone app.  These real life experiences and ways of coping become messages of support that can be listened to over and over.

When young people have something to say or think sharing what they know would help someone else. Even a short recording lasting a minute or two can have an impact when played to other young people or to support workers. 

Young people, like our designers, have lots of ideas about what they believe could be different and better. 

Sound Advice is a fun way to capture the ones that are most relevant to other young people or to the workers who support them.

How would you prepare your own?

Have a conversation about what people have learned from their experiences and don’t judge because anything positive will be helpful to someone.

  • The messages could be made by finishing sentences such as ‘Try and…’, ‘I Wish I had…’ or ‘What I think you should know is…’ but they can also come directly from young people’s experience, of course. 
  • Decide whose statement will be recorded first and last (for a big finish!) and then the order of the ones in between. Write the order down so everyone knows who goes next and try and include as many different voices as possible.
  • Think of a song that will begin and end the messages and that can be played on someone’s mobile phone.

How do we actually do it?

  • Play the song for about 10 seconds as an introduction, reduce the volume slowly to fade out the music and each person says their message in the agreed order. 
  • After the last message, bring the volume up again on the song and leave it playing for about 10 seconds before fading it out again.  Make sure you play it or send your Sound Advice to someone else. 

And don’t worry if you giggle on the recording because you’re human!

  • If no-​one has a mobile phone to do this with, you could try a free voice recording app, such as Audio Recorder or Titanium Recorder or use a sound recording machine if someone has one. 
  • If you’re really stuck for music, our young designers recommend See You Again by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth. Use that.