Why Should You Use Target Control

The young designers Leapfrog worked with could think of lots of things that frustrated them about being in care but it was harder for them to think of ways to fix the problems.  Target Control helps young people to think about how much control they have over each of their problems and it also challenges them to think about if there is anything they can do to fix the problem for themselves. For example, if social workers wearing identity badges really annoy them, they could decide to talk to the support worker about it and show the BADGE tool.

How it Works

Target Control is based on an idea called ‘The Control and Influence Model’ in Stephen Covey’s book; ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.’ Covey talks about using three circles to show what you have complete control over, what you can influence or change, and things that concern you but you cannot do anything about it. The idea is to help anybody do more about the problems they can change and worry less about the problems they cannot do anything about.  We recommend that the young person writes the problems into one of the three circles depending on how much control the young person thinks they have on each one. 

When we did it, we collected all the words from the work the young people had done and printed them onto the Right Words sticker sheet tool that is free from this website but it’s easy to just write them onto the circles with a pen.

Download the tool on the right to try it yourself.

You Can Change the Headings

Download our editable pdf version if you would like to change the headings.  Simply click on the light blue boxes and delete and add your own text.  (Please note that do to software limitations, the editable pdf version varies slightly from the original Target Control)