One of the key challenges for volunteer coordinators is having to, in a very short space of time, not only gain a lot of factual information about a perspective volunteer, but also try to get to know them. ln the initial interview, and as part of the process of matching up a new volunteer to a role, this can include gauging their motivations for volunteering, what they want to get out of their volunteering experience, their time commitments, gaining an understanding of their interests and hobbies, their likes and dislikes, and personality traits. The aim of this tool is to support this early interaction. Once a date for an interview is agreed upon, the coordinator can direct a new volunteer to the tool and ask them to take the time to answer the questions and bring it with them to the interview. It supports a new volunteer by giving them time to really think about their responses, which could help prepare them for the interview. During the interview, the volunteer coordinator can use it the tool as a guide or prompt, where they can then ask follow up questions and dig deeper into the volunteer’s responses.