Flexible tools that can help new teams from different services work together effectively.

If you are working in a multi-​service team, with new members or in a new building, these tools could help you work together more effectively and improve communication around issues, such as resource planning and engaging with customers.

Each tool was co-​designed and tested by professionals working in various services for Lancashire County Council around addressing specific challenges that come from the transition into new multi-​service teams and buildings.

The Tools

Tools to match customer's needs with services
Be more adventurous with how you reach out to your communities
Work together to figure out how to use your building and space
Don't let the little issues get in the way of the big picture
Draw attention to the unexpected variety in what you offer
Encouraging and Celebrating Idea Sharing in Teams
Encouraging staff to leave their comfort zone and think creatively

Key toolbox features

  • Created by co-​design

    Each tool was created by professionals in the Lancashire’s library service, responding to the challenge of bringing multiple services together in the same place.

  • Buildings and Teams

    Help teams from different backgrounds come together and share knowledge and space.

  • Communicate new possibilities

    Help get the word out about new services and offerings; map out what is on offer, and how to let communities know.

  • Ready to use

    Seven tools, available to download from this website, print and put straight into action.

  • Free to everyone

    Leapfrog tools are free to anyone. We Creative Commons licensing for everything we do.