The Tools

Remixable ideas for collecting and analysing R&D data, then sharing insights.
A map to help plan out a complete cycle of R&D

Key toolbox features

  • Co-designed with V&A Learning and National Programmes

    Leapfrog worked with V&A’s Learning and National Programmes team to co-design tools to catalyse and sustain a new kind of research and development — R&D focussed on the impact of museum learning on people, rather than audience numbers or demographics.

  • A toolbox for any team

    The toolbox we’ve co-designed together is about helping a team experiment with new ways of evaluating, iterating and improving their work.

    These tools are not fixed solutions or best practices, instead they are fuel for kick-starting new R&D approaches that ask the right questions, answered by drawing on visitor experiences and impact.

  • Beyond evaluation in isolation

    Evaluating events can lead to one-off questions that do little more than give you a thumbs up or down on the venue and timings.

    Connecting together the data and insights from evaluative work is the key to iterative R&D – finding ways to build up understanding of an audience and the impact your work has on them.

  • New practice not best practice

    Good R&D requires more than effective methods and processes, it needs teams to creatively engage with the opportunities that research brings, and together develop new ways of working.

    These tools help teams to imagine, plan and share new practice that is creative, data-driven and iterative.